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  • Legislative Advocacy Programme

    This programme is geared towards legislative reform to ensure the public interest is best served. The programme is aimed at strengthening the parliamentary processes in Ghana and establishes dialogue between civil society and parliament.

    It involves the facilitation and aggregation of civil input into the legislative process; monitoring the performance of Parliament by tracking Bills and Regulations; setting up discussion forums and working groups with representatives of the community in order to provide their input on Bills and Regulations before parliament.

    Under this Programme, CEPIL track bills that are before Parliament and reviews them specifically for their compliance with constitutionally guaranteed rights, the public interest requirements of the constitution, and Ghana’s treaty obligations under international law.

  • Good Governance & Human Rights Programme

    This programme is aimed at increasing government transparency, accountability and promoting respect for fundamental human rights.

    Under this programme CEPIL holds government, its agencies, public officers holders and other actors accountable for their actions and/or inactions or omissions or policies that have adverse effects on citizens.

  • Housing Rights Programme

    The Center provides free legal representation to informal settlers mostly within the city center who are being forcefully evicted from their settlements.

  • Legal Aid Programme

    The legal aid program is designed to provide access to justice to those individuals who are not able to afford the services of lawyers.

    CEPIL also runs a legal aid clinic from 8:30 a.m to 2:00p.m each day. Through this, the Center has offered free legal consultancy to people who come in for legal advice.

  • Research

    Under this programme, CEPIL conducts research into public interest law issues and publish the research findings.

  • Internship Programme

    This Programme seeks to provide training and practical work experience to law students and social science students who wish to build a career in Public Interest and Human Rights.

    Under this programme, CEPIL admit both local and foreign students to undertake internship.

    The programme inculcate in law students the spirit of pro bono law practice.

  • Extractive Communities Human Rights & Legal Support Programme

    This programme is designed to provide legal assistance including free court room representation to communities living in or around mining concessions.

    CEPIL hold public and private actors accountable for violations of the Constitution and to ensure the protection of the rights of communities affected by large corporate mining in Ghana.

    CEPIL has provided free court room representation to mining communities in the Eastern, Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo and Eastern Regions of Ghana.

    The program also contains a human rights education and paralegal training component. CEPIL has trained paralegal in these mining communities

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