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Advertisement for a Research Consultant

The Center for Public Interest Law (CEPIL) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), with the primary aim of making the pursuit of justice accessible and affordable to poor and marginalized communities and individuals.

As part of the implementation of interventions under the fair4all project which is done in partnership with Oxfam in Ghana, CEPIL wishes to procure the services of a research consultant to conduct a study that will identify Policy gaps on mining and cocoa sector value chain. This study will among others;

  1. Review relevant government policy (ies) in the cocoa sector
  2. Review government policies on addressing challenges in the artisanal mining
  3. Identify the probable impact of the effects of mining on the cocoa sector in Ghana
  4. Highlight the gender gaps in relation to the effect of mining on cocoa production
  5. Make recommendations towards addressing these gaps


  1. Must be a qualified researcher or a registered entity
  2. Must have relevant experience in policy analysis
  3. Must demonstrate ability to deliver on the proposed research work
  4. Must show proven knowledge and previous experience in the aforementioned sectors
  5. Must be able to deliver within the specified duration

This consultancy should be delivered within a period of 3 months from the date of signing the agreement.
The successful applicant should;

  1. Be ready to sign contracts by 14/08/2023
  2. Deliver framework of the study by 21/08/23
  3. Submit draft report for review on the 14/09/2023

Interested applicants should send a cover note and relevant documents via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than 8th August 2023. In your cover letter, please explain why you are interested in the consultancy, relevant skills, background, and accomplishments and why you think you are the ideal candidate for this job.

Agricultural value chains and extractive industries are key to many of Ghana’s economic, social and environmental challenges: notable among these are human rights violations and conflicts, perpetuation of inequalities and environmental degradation. In some instances, entire or significant parts of communities have been displaced to make way for new extractive industries and the development of export-led agricultural commodity value chains are adversely affected. The ceding of farmland to mining has impoverished communities and impacted food production. Labour rights are being weakened in the large-scale mining sector due to outsourcing of employment, weak laws and limited enforcement of international standards. These problems are expected to worsen as Ghana opens its doors to more Foreign Direct Investment.

The Ghana FAIR for ALL programme has four main focus areas:

  1. Strengthen local civil society to collect evidence of rights abuses in cocoa, petroleum and minerals (gold) value chains, support communities in seeking redress and hold public and private-sector actors to account.
  2. Strengthen civil society to advocate towards mining companies, agribusinesses and their suppliers and traders, primarily through multi-stakeholder engagement and new business models, to advance women’s economic empowerment, prevent rights abuses and ensure a living income, specifically in cocoa and artisanal gold mining.
  3. Promote fiscal and trade regimes that enable better domestic capture of value in value chains. Ensure value is redistributed to support local value chains that are owned and led by domestic enterprises.
  4. Support civil society to influence budgetary processes, leading to a fairer and more equal Distribution of gains from cocoa, petroleum and minerals (gold).

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Advertisement for a Research Consultant

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Advertisement for a Research Consultant

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